chik’n salad

i’m not a huge buyer of meat replacements, both because of the cost and because i don’t really ‘miss’ eating meat. however, this spring and summer i’ve tried a few meat substitutes and i’ve grown to love gardein chik’n strips!! i usually bake them and chop them up to add to salads and wraps. here’s a salad i made for lunch today.

ingredients: 4 gardein chik’n strips, 1 romaine lettuce heart, spinach, 1 green bell pepper, 1/3 large cucumber, 4 mushrooms, 6 oz can olives, 1 container ‘holy guacamole’

directions: bake chik’n as directed. while baking, chop up veggies and drain olives well. toss veggies in large bowl. chop up chik’n and add to salad, then top with guacamole to taste. i’ve also used olive tempanade hummus as a topping for a more mediterranean feel, and you could add any vegan cheese you like – mozzerella or parmesan would go great with the olives.


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