makeup review


thank you to my former coworker
last week we had a late christmas party at work. we’d done secret santas, and mine got me makeup and brushes. in case you’ve never watched my youtube videos, i love makeup. today i’m going to review the products i was given.

first, the brushes. i’m not sure what brand they are but i believe they were purchased at sephora. they are very soft and the handles feel comfortable in my hand. in particular i love the thin eyeliner brush; i usually used an angled brush to apply cream liner, but this works much better and gives a precise line. i also like the fan brush since i’ve never had one before.

next, the too faced palette. it was a holiday edition and it is amazing! the shadows are so blendable and shimmery, and they don’t feel chalky on the brush. the shades go together well and are perfect for winter.


as far as i know, smashbox is not cruelty free. however, i still want to review this eyeshadow trio. the shadows are not as blendable as the too faced ones but are highly pigmented. the shades are perfect for my skin tone, and the small size would make this a perfect touchup palette to keep in my purse.

finally, the bronzer. i use this shade more as a blush since it’s a bit too light and shimmery for my taste in contouring bronzers. it goes on very sheer and gives a radiant glow to my skin. i don’t know if this brand is cruelty free but this is a high quality bronzer, so let’s hope it is!!

all in all, i am very satisfied with all the products. i’ve been using them frequently and other than the smashbox palette i would highly reccommend them.



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