winter menswear inspiration

i recently made a new ootd video and i thought i’d make a post here as well. i’m going to try to start posting here at least three times a week, but if you want to see more from me i’m on instagram and youtube every day.


rethinking my pose

this outfit was a bit of an accident: i woke up late, did my makeup, and threw on clothes that would be warm enough for 8 am class in north dakota. however, the fact that most of my clothes are white and black makes it very easy to have a last-minute outfit turn into a cute take on casual clothing. i also love men’s clothes for fast days since they look put together but are just slouchy enough to be comfortable.


ignore the snow
it was about 8 degrees out when i did this shoot, so props to my boyfriend for being willing to be my videographer (he’s from a warmer locale). i love winter shoots because the background looks serene and allows my outfit to stand out.


the watch is from target and the tattoo bracelet is from a hot topic three pack
it’s important to remember that clothing is meant to be versatile. i try to stick to certain colors and shapes that i know i’ll actually wear on a regular basis and be able to mix and match – another reason i love menswear.


these have been loved

  outfit details: top, stafford tailored culture (large); varsity jacket, journeys (mens small); joggers, adidas (small); shoes, converse (mens 7).


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