this year’s thanksgiving was packed with delicious food!! i’m the only vegan in the family so i usually eat less at the family meal and more through the rest of the day than your average thanksgiving participant, but it’s still a feast.

first up was this lovely pumpkin smoothie bowl!! as you can tell from my other smoothie bowl post and my instagram feeds, smoothie bowls are my favorite thing to have for breakfast. all the recipes for my photos will be in future posts so stay tuned.

one of my mom’s favorite thanksgiving recipes is this marinated salad. vegan, colorful, and delicious, and of course guilt-free!!

next, the traditional sweet potatoes. just switch out honey and butter for maple syrup and earth balance and you’ve got a sweet holiday treat. no turkey on this plate!!

a few hours after the main meal i wanted some warm food, so i quickly heated up some amy’s lentil soup. at less than $3 a can, these protein filled soups are perfect for a college student on a budget!! just make sure the back says ‘ingredients (vegan)’ as some soups may contain meat or dairy.

no holiday is complete without at least one fatty dessert, so i grabbed some nondairy ben&jerry’s while black friday (black thursday?) shopping at target (this was a mistake). the pb&cookies flavor is my favorite, but i’ve been in a chocolate mood lately.

i hope your thanksgiving was filled with vegan food, family fun, and relaxation!! always be grateful for your blessings, no matter what the day of the year is.


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