stepping away

i recently made the decision to permanently delete my facebook account, not just deactivate it, and i thought i’d take the time to explain why in case anyone else is considering doing the same. my first reason is fairly basic – i only really used it for messenger if i didn’t have a friend’s number – but others are more interesting to discuss and harder to convince ourselves to fix. 

as i said earlier, i only really used facebook for its messaging app, and rarely posted anything original or shared my friends’ posts. in fact, when i last used facebook i only had about 34 friends, and i only followed four of them. the messenger bit was easy enough to fix: i just asked everyone i messaged frequently for their phone numbers. however, despite my main use of facebook being on a different app entirely, i did still check my feed often enough to feel anxious. because of the number of people i actually followed being so low, i never really had the ‘fomo’ or comparison problems talked about in so many recent studies on social media anxiety. (pro tip: do NOT google that phrase, it might take you to a phishing site.) i did, however, have a strange paranoia about being blocked, or having negative posts made about me. this happened enough in my early years of being on facebook that i guess the fear became a habit. so every time i checked my feed, i was preparing for negativity rather than the uplifting Christian posts i followed. add this to the number of sensastionalist campaign trail ‘news stories’ popping up courtest of facebook’s algorithm, and it was clear i had a problem. i ended up deleting the app off my phone, only checking it at work (for context, i only work four hours on monday and three on friday, so my usage was down to less than an hour per week, excluding messenger). eventually i made the leap to totally deleting my account, not just deactiving it. (yes, this is an option. you’re welcome.) 

i truly believe that, as much as we want to deny it as ‘old people resisting technology,’ facebook lives up to all of its negative stereotypes. it causes stress and addiction, increases the amount of drama in our lives, and floods our minds with negative and often misleading ‘news.’ i realize that all these things could be true of any social media platform, but personally i’ve never had anxiety or other negative experiences caused by them. instagram has drama on occasion but i’ve never been involved in any (i think), and twitter and youtube are hilarious. i will say i’ve had some anxiety over snapchat, but after deleting the app for a few days i was able to reevaluate and remove friends as necessary to restore my enjoyment of the app. i will not be returning to facebook, and i’m glad that i finally overcame my belief that i ‘needed’ an account in order to make a decision that has improved my life. 

if any of you are considering deleting a social media account, try deleting its app from your phone for a few days. if you feel safer and happier without it, and redownloading it makes you return to an anxious state, it might be time to delete your account permanently. social media wasn’t always part of human life, or even your life – don’t let anyone try to make you believe it’s a requirement for your life now.


winter menswear inspiration

i recently made a new ootd video and i thought i’d make a post here as well. i’m going to try to start posting here at least three times a week, but if you want to see more from me i’m on instagram and youtube every day.


rethinking my pose

this outfit was a bit of an accident: i woke up late, did my makeup, and threw on clothes that would be warm enough for 8 am class in north dakota. however, the fact that most of my clothes are white and black makes it very easy to have a last-minute outfit turn into a cute take on casual clothing. i also love men’s clothes for fast days since they look put together but are just slouchy enough to be comfortable.


ignore the snow
it was about 8 degrees out when i did this shoot, so props to my boyfriend for being willing to be my videographer (he’s from a warmer locale). i love winter shoots because the background looks serene and allows my outfit to stand out.


the watch is from target and the tattoo bracelet is from a hot topic three pack
it’s important to remember that clothing is meant to be versatile. i try to stick to certain colors and shapes that i know i’ll actually wear on a regular basis and be able to mix and match – another reason i love menswear.


these have been loved

  outfit details: top, stafford tailored culture (large); varsity jacket, journeys (mens small); joggers, adidas (small); shoes, converse (mens 7).

a bit of a splurge

i went to terry’s, the local health food store, and cashwise today on a quest for my town’s vegan superfood offerings. you can see the products i found in my latest youtube video. i purchased several protein snacks, chia seeds, and other pricey treats. these are in no way a staple of my diet – in fact, today was the first time i’d tried many of them in my life. i’ve only recently been getting into the superfood craze and meat replacements; as stated in my post on general misconceptions about plant based diets, my first year of veganism was largely fueled by raw and frozen fruits and veggies, oatmeal, and pasta. however, i’ve enjoyed expanding my horizons even more as i shop for fun alternatives like chik’n and coconut milk ice cream. be aware of cost when looking for these items and the ones shown in my video, but never be afraid to try new things.



so i don’t know if many of you know this, but i have a youtube channel!! i started posting videos on it last august but only started posting regularly this spring. most of my videos are makeup tutorials or somehow makeup related, but i’ve also started doing fashion videos and vlogs. my latest video is my monthly ‘outfit of the day’ for july, and i will have two new videos up this week since i went shopping in fargo today!! it would make me so happy if you subscribed to my channel, or even just checked out my videos. if you like them, let me know what else you’d like to see. after all, the customer – or viewer – is always right!! *^^*